Our clients and business partners put a lot of love and care into the products that they develop, and the services that they offer - who would we be if we did not do the same? We are truly emphatic about design and creation. Yes, we do want to develop the best creative material for our clients as possible, though at the same time, we simply love making good-looking stuff.

KARR Productions was started in 2009 as a University senior's project - to be developed as a practical outlet for creating video, illustrations, animations, music, and film. Its original intention was for a good grade. However through the motivation, inspiration and creative encouragement of WWE writer turned professor, Ranjan Chhibber, the project turned into a longtime aspiration of founder Kris A.R Rogers.

Currently based in Fredericton, New Brunswick - KARR Productions is working diligently to help develop Canadian business and currently offers free review and constructive criticisms to all Multimedia Studies students looking for insight and advice.