L-Jack Promotions

New Brunswick's premiere fight event company L-Jack Promotions, owned by champion boxer Brandon Brewer, plays host to boxing and MMA fighters from around the world. With a number of Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts events under their belt, they are an organization not to be messed with. Thousands of sports fans attend events produced by L-Jack Promotions while fighters compete for the win. A number of national and international title fights have been hosted during L-Jack events.


Nothing gets the blood pumping like Fight Night, so it's important that the promotional material can get everyone excited for the big event. Incorporating heavy motion graphics, animation, graphic design, and high-octane music, these promo videos are ready to get into the ring.


"The Lumberjack is Back" Fight Announcement

"The Road to May 27th" Promo

Brandon Brewer Entrance Video

"MMA3" Teaser

"MMA3" Promo

Motion Graphics

Want to know what's going on in the ring? Just look over to the big-screen for fight coverage and fighter information.


"May 27th" Fighter Cards

"MMA2" Fighter Cards

"MMA3" Fighter Cards